Remington Your Style Dryer with Spin Curl D5219

  • Quiet and powerful 2300 W dryer
  • 1mm Styling Nozzle Diffuser Hairline Booster Volume
  • Ion generator produces 90% more ions*
  • 3 heating and 2 separate fan settings, 85 km/h air flow, cooling level to f
Brand: Remington
Warranty: One Year
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 13,800 Rs. 18,200
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D5219 Your Style Ion Hair Dryer

Be ready for perfect styling results.

This hair dryer allows you to create your own individual look for maximum flexibility.

No matter what style is trendy, we have the right attachment: The styling nozzle for a smooth, elegant look. The diffuser for natural curls and waves and for more bounce and the hairline booster for even more volume and a striking look.

* Reduces static build-up, allows hair to dry faster and provides unparalleled shine.

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