MUICIN - Rice Extract Radiant Facial Kit

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Specializing in quality skin care products and all sorts of cosmetics to make you more beautiful. Rice skincare products are free of synthetic solvents, thickeners and emulsifiers, contain no petroleum-based ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances, and are fortified with premium botanical ingredients from as whereas basis from all over the world. The purity of these preparations makes them ideally suited for all skin.

This Facial Kit Includes:

  1. Rice ExtractCleanser (100g)
  2. Rice Extract Scrub (100g)
  3. Rice Extract Massage Cream (100g)
  4. Rice Extract Skin Polish Cream (100g)
  5. Rice Extract Face Mask (100g)


  1. Skin brightening
  2. Anti-ageing
  3. Boosts skin barrier health
  4. Soothes sun damage
  5. Mattifies oily skin

Here are some ways rice water can be used for your skin

1. Skin brightening

The skin brightening enzymes present in rice water make it a key ingredient in Japanese and Korean beauty rituals. It is known to fade dark spots, blemishes and brighten up the complexion for a clear and smooth texture.

2. Anti-aging

Rich in antioxidants, rice water has shown to inhibit the action of elastase, a compound that causes damage to elastin in your skin and leads to premature aging. That is why rice water can safely be used to reduce the appearance of aging signs on the skin.

3. Boosts skin barrier health

Some studies have found that rice starch can be beneficial in repairing and maintaining the natural barrier of the skin. This can be helpful to prepare your skin to fight eternal aggressors and prevent issues like atopic dermatitis and protect against pollution damage.

4. Soothes sun damage

Devoid of harsh chemicals and when used raw, rice water can have a cooling effect on mild sun damage like redness, sunburn, inflammation and itching.

5. Mattifies oily skin

Starchy rice water can have a toning effect when used on oily skin. Dabbing some rice water with cotton pads can help mattify super oily skin.

Did you know?

As mentioned earlier, rice water has been used in Asian beauty rituals for centuries. Particularly in China, Japan and Korea, ladies used rice water as a natural conditioner to wash their face as well as hair. In fact, the Chinese village of Huangluo, where the native Red Yao women live, holds the Guinness record of the ‘world’s longest hair village’. With an average hair length of 1.6 meters, shiny texture and considerably low signs of aging in both skin and hair, these women attribute their ageless beauty to rice water. Some South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia also have a history of using rice water in their beauty routines.

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